163 Stevenson Park , Tullyally, Londonderry , BT47 3QT
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Ashlea Nursery Unit is  well equipped for both indoor and outdoor play. It provides twenty-six full time places for children of pre school age. All of the children, parents and staff are highly valued and motivated. The children are helped to develop personal, social and emotional skills. Staff seek to build up confidence and self esteem as well as an attitude of caring and sharing amongst the children.


Healthy snacks

A mid morning snack is provided for the children consisting of milk, toast, fruit, cereal, cheese and much more. In this way staff try to encourage the children to make sensible choices regarding their diet and promote independence by children helping to prepare their own snacks. Dinner time is also an important feature of the day.


Indoor & Outdoor Play

All 6 areas of learning in the preschool curriculum are developed through play based activities. 


Parental Involvement

The Nursery staff have a good relationship with our parents. They work closely together to ensure that all children enjoy their first experiences in their 'school journey'.